Car Lemon Law

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Lemon Law Tips
Documentation is critical to protecting your rights.  Never leave the dealership without a copy of your Repair Invoice.  Make sure the Repair Invoice correctly states every defect in your vehicle.  Review the Repair Invoice to double check the drop-off date and also the pick-up date because the number of days your vehicle spent at the dealership's repair facility is critical information you will need when it is time to pursue your case.

Also confirm the Repair Invoice contains a description of the repairs made to your vehicle.  If you feel the dealership is not putting the correct information on the vehicle Repair Invoice, please call us at 1-888-80-LEMON (5366) and we will explain exactly what the dealership must include in every Repair Invoice and  answer any questions you may have about the documentation necessary to pursue your case.

Create your own record of repairs.  You can keep a simple spiral-ring notebook in your car and take written notes of all conversations you had with the dealership and mechanics about your vehicle.  Be sure to include the date, time, and topics of discussion.  The time you spend doing this will payoff down the road when it is time to pursue your Lemon Law case.

Ask the dealer or manufacturer for all TSB's.  Technical Service Bulletins are special reports created by the manufacturer to advise the mechanics at the dealership of specific problem areas in your vehicle and often include step-by-step instructions to repair (or attempt to repair) your model car.  Ask the Service Adviser or Mechanic to write on the Repair Order your request to have them give you a copy of all TSB's.  When you go back to pick up your car, they can give you a copy of the relevant TSB's with your final Repair Invoice.
If you have problem with your car, it may be a lemon.  The California Lemon Law was enacted to protect consumers who purchase new cars, trucks, sport utility vehicle's and mini-vans. 

In addition to the California Lemon Law, there are other Consumer Protection Laws which protect consumers when they purchase defective cars.  Complaints with the DMV, Better Business Bureau or Bureau of Automotive Repair as well as manufacturer recalls and class action lawsuits are options for new, used and leased vehicles.  Call to speak to one of our highly experienced attorneys to find out which option is best for you 1-888-80-LEMON (5366)
Be Persistent!  If you believe there is a problem with your car, but the dealership keeps telling you there is nothing wrong, take your car to a different dealership.  It is very common for dealer and repair technicians to claim the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle are minor and you do not qualify under the California Lemon Law for a refund.

Car Dealers are individually owned and operated under a franchise agreement with the manufacturer.  If one dealer appears to be giving you a hard time about fixing your car, take it somewhere else.  You are not required to keep taking your car to the same dealership for warranty repairs.  Your bumper-to-bumper warranty entitles you to take your car to any authorized dealership for warranty repairs.

If you are tired of having the dealership tell you there is nothing wrong with your car and would like some free advice on how to come up with a plan of action for getting your car repaired under the bumper-to-bumper warranty, call us today for some free advice 1-888-80-LEMON (5366).